St. Joseph Regional Medical Center offers three licensed pharmacies; an Infusion Service at the Cancer Center, an employee pharmacy and an inpatient pharmacy. The medical center also offers an ambulatory care service.

Chemotherapy Infusion Service

  • Includes a team collaborative environment with physicians and nursing staff.
  • Provides chemotherapy to all clinic patients, including a weekly clinic in Moscow and Pullman.
  • Has a board certified oncology pharmacist.
  • Uses collaborative care agreements with the oncologists for:
    • Hepatic and/or renal dosing adjustments of chemotherapy.
    • Anemia management.
    • Electrolyte management.
    • Anticoagulation management.
    • Antiemetic management.
    • Mucositis management.
  • Develops chemotherapy regimen protocol.
  • Provides oncology and internal medicine consultations with clinic physicians.

Employee Pharmacy Service

  • Provides employee prescription care.
  • Offers hospice patient care with family hospice.
  • Provides an indigent prescription service with social services approval.
  • Perform formulary reviews.

Inpatient Pharmacy Service

In addition to traditional hospital distributive services, our pharmacists participate in a collaborative atmosphere with community physicians, hospitalists, nurses and other multidisciplinary team members for a team approach to pharmaceutical care. They:

  • Try to dispense information more than medications.
  • Provide physician initiated unit based pharmacy therapies:
    • Patient specific total parenteral nutrition monitoring and adjusting.
    • Heparin/Enoxaparin per pharmacy.
    • Vancomycin monitoring and adjusting.
    • Aminoglycoside monitoring and adjusting.
    • Electrolytes per pharmacy.
    • Additional therapeutic dosing and monitoring per physician request.
  • Review charts and leave progress notes for the nursing unit, including geriatric and renal dosing review.
  • Review MIC reports for appropriateness of current antimicrobial treatment regimen.
  • Have active members on multiple teams and committees including: P&T, pharmacy/nursing, critical care, infection control, discharge planning, hospice, pallative care, QA/QI, tumor board, cancer committee and patient safety.

Ambulatory Care Service

SJRMC pharmacy medication management service provides:

  • Anticoagulation management as part of the post operative care for the Center of Excellence Total Joint Program.
  • Provides outpatient dosing and management of intravenous antibiotics.

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